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Welcome to the YouPage Developer zone. Here you'll find links to articles, samples, tools, and resources related to YouPage, the internet's local directory. Our aim at YouPage is to make local search more useful to consumers by laying the foundations for new and yet to be developed ways of connecting local businesses and services on the internet by providing an open platform.

YouPage Gadgets

Gadgets are mini-applications that can be shared amongst the millions of web userís worldwide.

Google Gadgets are an excellent way of marketing your business, service, promotional sale and events.

Would you like a Google Gadget like the one below for your YouPage listing?

Make a note of your YouPage listing Id and click the following link. Once at the YouPage Google gadget enter your listing id in the Gadget settings and configure the gadget to your preferred look and size. Then click get code to generate the code for your website.

 YouPage Website Gadget (Beta)

iGoogle YouPage Gadgets

Click the following link to add the gadget to your iGoogle page.Once the gadget is added, the listing ID may be edited via the gadget's edit settings menu to change to your unique listing.

 YouPage iGoogle Gadget (Beta)

WidgetBox YouPage Widgets

WidgetBox offer services to create widgets. Why not use YouPage to create your widgets today via the following link.

 WidgetBox Widget Creator

Select the webpage tab and enter the YouPage html listing id for your webpage.

For example the YouPage listing we would use

Give the widget a name i.e. YouPage Widget

You will then be taken to the widget where you can change witdth and height. Follow the remaining instructions to create and share your widget.

Widget and Gadget Developers

With YouPage we make business, promotional sale and event listings openly available in xml and rdf/xml. Why not create widgets and gadgets using our hosted structured data that can be reused across many web properties. Imagine widgets and gadgets on a website, blog or social network page that not only show contact details but also opening times. It is all possible with YouPage.

Get started today. Schema classes are available via the following links.

 XSD XML Schema Class (Beta)

 Semantic Web rdfs Schema Class (Beta)

To obtain listing data simply make a note of an applicable listing id which can be found by searching for your listing on the YouPage website. Use the following links plus listing id to view the data.

xml -

rdf -

html -

Website Developers

Help users interact with your website today with YouPage.

Does your website or service have query string processing functionality? We provide a start button for listings so that YouPage users can start your website with a query string directly.

Simply set the YouPage listing website field to the link with the query key (everything up to and including the equals). For example for YouPage search functionality we would use..

When your listing appears in a YouPage user search we will provide a start button and text box.

On pressing start your web link will be evoked with the user text appended.

Feel free to give us feedback and please do let us know about the new and interesting ways you are reusing your directory listing data.


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